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Lou is a mum of two, the founder of LIVE BRAVE Pilates and our lead Pilates instructor. For her, Pilates is so much more than just exercise; it’s a lifestyle that strengthens your body and mind from the inside out, giving you the tools to live bravely off the mat. From her home to hotel rooms to studios, her captivating classes authentically reflect her real-life and her belief – that carving out 20 mins on the mat, anytime, anywhere, transforms the way you feel.

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Join Lou live on the mat as she expertly guides you through one of her signature classes that'll leave you feeling challenged, energised and stronger.

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Lou’s clear directions, intuitive cues and unwavering smile are what our members love, and what earned her the affectionate nickname, ‘the smiling assassin’. Try this taster class to personally experience her warm teaching style. Your journey to embracing the brave starts here.

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How our member’s feel

Really appreciate what you do! I never realised how effective pilates could be on toning the body with such small movements.

Just a massive Thank You 🥰 I always love how Lou mixes up the monthly challenges and changes the focus. I found Lou's pilates sessions on insta in lockdown and have been a massive fan ever since, has really helped me to stay calmer and fitter. 

I had never done Pilates before I found you on Insta but have been hooked ever since. Pilates is always the start to my day that I need. The platform is amazing and I’ve recommended you to many of my friends. I love that I can save my favourite classes ( there are so many of them!) and repeat them when I want. Love, love, love your Pilates classes. Thanks Louise

Absolutely love your Pilates and style of teaching - so good for my body and mind. I’ve been doing your classes for 3 years now and I’m still completely addicted!

I love this platform, it's changed my life. I was introduced to Lou’s Pilates by a friend 2 years ago. I have noticed such a difference in my muscle tone, posture and wellbeing…it’s been amazing on so many levels! Lou is such a great teacher too! Thank you!

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