Meet the Experts

Meet Lou


I’m a passionate advocate for Pilates, inspired by the positive physical benefits it can have on our mental and physical wellbeing.

I first knew I wanted to be a Pilates Instructor 6 years ago after seeing how incredible it was for my mum who did it post chemotherapy and reconstruction surgery. It absolutely changed her life and her instructor blew my mind with her knowledge and personality – I wanted to be her. That’s when I decided to train with Polestar, enabling me to help as many people as possible.

Every individual is different and has their own specific needs. This means I never stop learning and it allows me to integrate new knowledge, techniques and experiences to each new client’s teaching.

My mission is to share the positive impacts Pilates can have on our bodies and our minds, so as many people as possible can lead happier, healthier lives.


Meet Taisie

Functional Yoga

Taisie is a functional yoga and movement coach – her mission is to inspire, empower & transform the way you think about movement to help you stay moving well for life.

The impact of sedentary desk work, poor posture and movement patterns, stiffness or loss of strength can creep in at any age.
With over 600hrs of training, Taisie has a wealth of biomechanics and anatomy knowledge and her flows and teaching reflect this to transform the way you move and feel.

She teaches the LYT Yoga Method; the only method developed by a physical therapist. A smarter, safer way of moving that helps build strength, mobility and adaptability in your body, enabling you to move the way your body is designed to move.
With the mindset of prevention is better than cure – her approach aids injury prevention and promotes movement longevity in life and sport.

Working with all ages and abilities, and referred to as her client’s ‘best investment yet’ her approach is fun, authentic and challenging. She’ll always hold the bar high, but makes sure you smile while doing so!

Meet Katie


Katie is a Performance Psychologist with extensive experience in diverse performance arenas and a deep passion for people and performance.

She has led psychological support in a number of elite sport teams over the last 3 Olympic cycles, including GB Canoe Slalom (2011-2016), GB Men’s Rugby 7s (2014-2020) and GB Men’s Hockey (2017-present).

Alongside her work in sport, Katie has a portfolio of business clients, supporting leaders to create environments where people can thrive. Her work with the charity 21st Century Legacy has helped over 250,000 young people develop key life skills and she co-authored the best-selling children’s book ‘You are a Champion’ with Marcus Rashford, which has sold over 200,000 copies. Katie now runs a series of mindset and psychological skills courses for young people, with a vision to support the next generation to manage life’s challenges and be the best they can be.

Katie lives in Leamington Spa, with her husband Remi and their daughter, Ayla.

Meet Laura


I’ve always had a strong desire to be the best version of myself. To me this means having energy for the important things in my life.

Working with a trainer when I was younger showed me how much of an impact exercise and the right food choices could have on my overall health, and help me feel happier about myself and my life! This led to me becoming a certified personal trainer, so that I could help others find wellbeing in their lives too.

Working virtually over the past two years has meant I have been able to work with people all over the world – including the UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Dubai and South Africa. I love getting to connect with so many different people and being a positive part of their day!

My mission is to spread the message that loving your body, moving often, and eating well is the secret to reclaiming health, happiness and energy back into your life!

Meet Pippa


Regular movement and good nutrition are two essential pillars of health and it is near impossible to optimise one without the other. This is why I feel so passionate about sharing simple, nourishing, and seasonal recipes with you alongside LiveBrave’s incredible fitness offering! As a chef and nutritionist, I’m a firm believer that eating should never feel restrictive – it should be about enjoyment, creativity, nourishment, and balance. By working with our bodies and forming positive relationships with our food and lifestyle choices, we can transform our body and mind for long-lasting health and performance.

Even the most avid cooks can find it challenging to stay motivated in the kitchen, so my goal is to provide you with a selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that you can return to any time you need a little inspiration. I have tried to focus on flexible dishes which can be adapted based on your dietary requirements, and you always have full creative licence to experiment with different ingredients you have at home.


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