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Bad Back? How Pilates can help bad posture, sore backs and stiff spines

Here are some of our top workouts to help with poor posture, back pain and stiffness.

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24 Apr 2024


This programme combines the best of both practices to strengthen, lengthen and sculpt your body, while leaving you feeling mentally grounded and calm.

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11 Apr 2024

6 Tips for Healthy Eating When You’re Busy

Our Nutritional Therapist, Pippa Groves, shares her top tips for eating healthily when you're busy or on-the-go.

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2 Apr 2024

Corfu Pilates & Yoga Retreat

Join Lou and Milly for a restoring and nourishing Pilates & Yoga Retreat on the stunning Greek Island of Corfu.  

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26 Mar 2024

Meet Your Pilates Instructor - Megan

To celebrate Megan joining the LIVE BRAVE Pilates family, we asked her about living brave, her journey to Pilates and her daily habits that keep her healthy and consistent.

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18 Mar 2024

5 Styling Hacks To Make You Feel Your Best From Lou’s Stylist 

Personal Shopper Lauren Faiers shares some simple styling hacks that’ll make any outfit look effortless and make you feel your best.

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14 Mar 2024


A 4-week Pilates challenge that'll work deep into your core muscles, realigning your posture, toning your body and building strength from the inside out.

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6 Mar 2024


Here Pippa Groves explores what to eat before running, how to re-fuel after your run and when it’s necessary to eat during your run.

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28 Feb 2024

The Benefits of Running As You Get Older

Here, Clare Roberts, explores the benefits over running as you get older and offers tips to keep you running!

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26 Feb 2024

Pilates For Running

Pilates can help runners improve their performance by enhancing their strength, flexibility, alignment and endurance. Here's how it works.

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12 Feb 2024

RUN BRAVE Challenge

A 21 Day Programme to get you moving with confidence on the mat and off the mat.

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6 Feb 2024


Here are 5 simple foods to add to your meals that’ll help improve and restore your gut.

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24 Jan 2024

Pilates for Gut Health

Pilates is an effective form of exercise for strength, reduced back pain and increased flexibility; but can it improve your gut health?

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24 Jan 2024

Gut Health 101

You see the term ‘gut health’ everywhere nowadays! But what does it mean, why is it important and how can we improve it? Read to find out!

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18 Jan 2024

Back To Balance Pilates Challenge

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29 Dec 2023

How To Stick To Your Workout Routine Over Christmas

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13 Dec 2023

Promoting Optimal Skin Health

Here are Pippa Grove’s top tips and recipes to promote optimal skin health, especially as we head into winter!

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8 Nov 2023

Menopause and The Gut

Menopause causes changes in your gut health. Here are 4 ways to improve your gut health and balance your blood sugar during Menopause.

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17 Oct 2023

Pilates and Menopause: Bone, Joint, Heart and Pelvic Floor Health

Here, our Pilates instructor Clare Roberts, explore some of the benefits of practising Pilates as you move towards and through menopause.

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16 Oct 2023

Exploring Fascia Release

Learn about fascia, why it’s important and the benefits of Fascia Release within Pilates.

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3 Oct 2023

3 Ways to Improve Your Gut Health

Here our Nutritional Therapist Pippa Groves suggests 3 simple ways we can encourage good gut health in the long-term.

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28 Sep 2023

Breathwork with James Dowler

Meet James Dowler, breathwork coach and founder of Breathe with James, and learn about the powers of breathwork.

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26 Sep 2023

How to Rest, Digest & Destress

Pippa explains what you can do to enter the rest & digest state, which will improve nutrient digestion, sleep, energy levels, performance and overall well-being. 

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21 Sep 2023

Setting Foundations for Healthy Eating

Cooking and eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Lay the foundations of your healthy lifestyle and stay consistent with these simple eating and cooking tips.

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13 Sep 2023

Tips to Boost and Maintain Your Energy

Discover our Certified Nutritional Therapist, Pippa Groves, top tips for staying energised throughout the day.

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6 Sep 2023

The Best Pilates Equipment For Your Home Workouts

Here’s our guide to the purpose of each piece of Pilates equipment and where to buy them.

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4 Sep 2023

Meet Your Pilates Instructor - Clare

To celebrate Clare joining the LIVE BRAVE Pilates family, we asked her about living brave, her journey to Pilates and her daily habits that keep her healthy and consistent.

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16 Aug 2023

The Powerful Benefits of Pilates

Here we delve into some of the extensive health benefits of Pilates and how it nurtures your body from the inside out.

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14 Aug 2023

Lou's Birth Blog

I can’t believe that this time 3 weeks ago I was in the birthing pool squeezing Jos’ hand so tightly that I’m surprised I didn’t break it (I would have been very popular with the England Cricket Team!) and about to meet our gorgeous Bubbalula Margot “Maggie” Lula Buttler.

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14 Sep 2021

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