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Back To Balance Pilates Challenge

Our first Pilates Challenge of 2024

BACK TO BALANCE is a 4-week Pilates challenge that’ll help you re-establish your routine and create balance in your body, your mind and your gut after the festive period.

Every year when January comes around, there’s so much pressure to change, transform and achieve all sorts of fitness goals. 

Sustainable, healthy change doesn’t happen in one month. Change takes commitment, consistency and time. By starting with small, attainable steps, you’re more likely to build healthy long-lasting habits.

January doesn’t need to be about overhauling your life, but rather laying the foundations for a healthy year. This January, at LIVE BRAVE, our goal is balance.


Daily 15-20 min Pilates workouts (all new!) that’ll support you to successfully establish a consistent Pilates practice. Starting the year with a small, attainable goal will help you to commit it right through to the end of Jan! So by Feb, daily movement is a deeply ingrained habit.


Led by two instructors, each class includes modifications so that all levels, from complete beginners to practised pros, can take part. 

It’s not prenatal safe, but if you’re expecting we have a new prenatal programme on the platform!


Small ball, resistance bands, magic circle & ankle weights (optional), hand weights (optional). You'll find our Pilates equipment recommendations here.

New to pilates and not sure whether you want to invest in props yet? No problem, you can always do the movements without any props.


Sign up for LIVE BRAVE, get your equipment & workout space ready then head to ‘monthly challenge’ on the platform on Jan 3rd! Make sure to sign up to our newsletter too, so you stay updated with the challenge each week.

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