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Fitness And Wellbeing

With new and exciting sessions added every month, stay motivated wherever you are on your fitness journey with over 500 sessions, suitable for all fitness levels and designed by expert instructors to leave you feeling better than ever.

Nutritious meal plans

We offer monthly seasonal recipes curated by Pippa Groves, a Nutritional Specialist. Simple, delicious, seasonal recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks.

Lifestyle challenge

Embark on a five week, 360 degree transformation journey. Through a combination of nutritious recipes, mindset audios and a variety of fitness sessions including Pilates, Yoga and HIIT, you will feel empowered to be the best version of yourself.

Exclusive monthly plan

Join the Live Brave movement and let us guide you through your journey each month. Our monthly workout plans are specially designed to benefit everyone. Every session will challenge you, connect your mind and body, and make you smile. You’ll be amazed at how different you look and feel from just the first month.

Specialist programmes

We have something for everyone for all fitness levels. Explore a wide collection of programmes including athlete sessions, movement for pre and postnatal, specialist rehabilitation classes and for all posture types.

Prenatal and postnatal

Learn from an expert so you know exactly what is and isn’t safe during your pregnancy and postpartum recovery. We offer trimester specific workouts as well as pre and postnatal fitness plans to prepare and support you during your pregnancy and beyond.

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Read how our member’s feel

You have really helped me during this tricky time – you’ve not only transformed my body into a toned lean machine during lockdown (I’ve now got definition in places I never had!) but have helped calm my mind and improve my overall focus. 

As always, your teaching style, knowledge, and soothing and positive energy is amazing, and you really have transformed my body and I'm so grateful that you have shown me what it's like to have a proper hobby which has helped me both mentally and physically. I genuinely look forward to your classes everyday. 

I am on holiday but there was no way I was stopping the classes as what Lou has done for me both mind and body confidence is amazing, I have gone from fat and frumpy to a more streamlined energetic and motivated person. Thank you.

Really loving your classes, it works that I can do them at some point in the day and basically, just feel SO much better and stronger afterwards! Thank you!

You're the best teacher of any exercise class I have done, since I was 18 and I am now 58!

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