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Tips to Boost and Maintain Your Energy

In the fast-paced, demanding world we live in, it's no secret that maintaining energy levels can often feel like a relentless battle. The daily grind of work, family responsibilities, and personal commitments can leave us drained, both physically and mentally. 

Whether you’re chasing after our kids, working out or doing the weekly shop, energy is your life-fuel and is essential not only for physical performance but also for emotional well-being and cognitive function. 

While many of us often reach for a quick fix in the form of caffeine or sugary snacks to keep us going, there’s a more sustainable and nourishing approach to maintaining energy levels that means we won’t be on a blood sugar rollercoaster all day!

Here our Certified Nutritional Therapist, Pippa Groves, explains her top tips for staying energised throughout the day:

1. Balance your blood sugar at breakfast with a dish high in fibre, protein and healthy fats

This will prevent you starting the day on the bloody sugar rollercoaster which leads to dips in energy and cravings for high carb, sugary foods. My go-tos include sourdough toast with nut butter instead of jam or simply adding seeds (chia, ground flaxseed, pumpkin, sunflower) on top of my oats, whether this be porridge, muesli or granola

Need inspiration? Try this Breakfast Buddha Bowl!

2. Create a regular routine and do your best to stick to it.

Our bodies LOVE routine, so finding one that works for you that you can stick to is really important for balanced energy levels throughout the day and supports better sleep quality and length. This includes consistent wake up, bedtime, eating times and exercise times where possible - your body will thank you!

3. Expose yourself to natural light first thing in the morning.

This helps our bodies produce Vitamin D and improves our circadian rhythm and sleep patterns, which all contribute to more energy, focus and happiness.

4. Mindfully replace nutrient-poor ultra-processed foods for nutrient dense whole foods.

Ultra-processed foods tend to be more energy dense due to the higher calorific content, however this does not equate to high energy levels, as the compounding effect of eating foods low in nutrients and high in chemicals, additives, sugar, and sweeteners can lead to fatigue, weight gain, lower performance.

Try swapping processed sweet treats (cakes, chocolate, biscuits and pastries) for fresh fruit, dates, and live yoghurt. Baking your own treats at home is also a much better option as you can be safe in the knowledge of all the ingredients and manage exactly what goes into it.

Looking for a healthy sweet treat recipe? Try these frozen chocolate bites.

5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

This can’t be overstated! As we all try to get back into a regular routine after summer, prioritising hydration is absolutely KEY to boosting energy levels. Aim for 1.5-2L water or herbal tea every day.

If you’re feeling sluggish in the afternoon, always think ‘water’ first before reaching for a sweet snack, as dehydration can be confused for hunger. There are some great deals for water filters and portable water bottles online to make the process more enjoyable and beneficial.

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