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How To Stick To Your Workout Routine Over Christmas

Tips to Stay Active, plus our Top At-Home Pilates Classes

In between work, parties and family get-togethers, it can be hard to find time for your normal workout routine during the festive season. It also doesn't help the motivation with it being dark by 4pm!

But moving your body always makes you feel better, so here are three tips to help you stay active and sleigh the festive season!

1. Adapt your workouts

You most likely won’t be able to stick to your normal workout routine and that’s totally ok. By switching the gym for at-home workouts and relaxing your goals, you’ll be able to infuse some structure & routine into the festive chaos! 

2. Workout in the morning

Squeeze in some movement first thing, before the mince pies and mulled wines are out or you’ve been roped into helping with last min cooking/wrapping.

3. Get your family/friends involved

Whether that’s getting an accountability partner to help you stay consistent, organising family walks and cycles or getting everyone together for a 15 min Pilates class, it's much more fun to exercise with others. 

Looking for at-home workout inspo?

We have lots of short, no-equipment Pilates sessions that are perfect to squeeze in at-home between all the festivities.

Here are my top 5 at-home workouts that are so easy to do anywhere:

1. 10 Min Pilates Cardio 

2. 10 Min Glutes Blast

3. 15 Min Upper Body Blast

4. 15 Min Core Control

5. 20 Min Full Body  

Make sure to save them to your favourites so you can come back to them whenever you are short on time!


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