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Meet Your Pilates Instructor - Megan

To celebrate Megan joining the LIVE BRAVE Pilates family, we asked her about living brave, her journey to Pilates and her daily habits that keep her healthy and consistent.

What do you miss most about Australia?

The lifestyle for sure. There's a definite slower pace, along with generally better weather (although I am from Melbourne!). I'm a morning mover, so getting up early was much more motivating with light, beautiful mornings. In saying that, summer is around the corner and I know this will have a hugely positive impact on that. 

What does living brave mean to you?

Taking risks; living life outside of the comfort zone. Being freelance and growing up as a dancer often means not always knowing what's coming next. It feels scary sometimes but that's also the beauty of it.

What gives you strength to be brave? 

My support network. I have always been so grateful to have amazing people surrounding me. My family, partner and friendships give me strength to live bravely each day.

What’s one of the bravest things you’ve done?

Moving across the world is something I don't give myself enough credit for. I feel that it's a very brave thing to pick up and leave one life behind to start another. I've managed to build something very special over here, which definitely takes strength and resilience I didn't necessarily know I had before I took that leap.

"Pilates has taught me that fitness doesn't have to mean working up a sweat in order to achieve results."

Megan, LIVE BRAVE Pilates Instructor

What are your non-negotiable daily habits?

I LOVE coffee. My morning coffee is my ritual, and I like to sit with it. I'd prefer to wake up early so I have time to enjoy it, rather than take it with me on the go. I also need to get outside each day, which again will feel easier with longer days on the way. I'll take any chance I can get to get some sun and a walk between classes. Airpods in, podcast on, zone out.

What has Pilates taught you about fitness?  

Pilates has taught me that fitness doesn't have to mean working up a sweat in order to achieve results. It's so accessible for everyone being low impact. For me, it's like meditation; connecting to the breath and focusing solely on the movement you are performing. It's a distraction to the outside world, and has taught me to love and appreciate my body for its functionality and everything it does for me.

How do you stay consistent with your workout routine?

Luckily for me, fitness is naturally part of my everyday life. I feel very grateful that my two greatest passions (dance and pilates) are also what I do for work everyday. I book my classes weekly in advance which helps keep me accountable. I'm also quite in tune with my cycle and like to move in sync with it, so I very much listen to my body and energy levels.

How do you stay consistent with your health and nutrition?

It can be really tough to juggle so many classes whilst staying consistent with food habits. Preparation is key for me, so having things like precooked roast veg, grains and overnight oats in the fridge is something that really helps. I always feel better and more at ease about the week ahead if I've taken that time to prepare in advance. I also feel very blessed to have a partner who loves to cook (and is very good at it), so I frequently come home to a delicious meal after a late night dance class.

What's one piece of advice you'd give someone who wants to start their Pilates journey but something is stopping them?

Find something you ENJOY and just start. Starting is the hardest part. Once it becomes a habit, and you realise how wonderful it makes you feel, it becomes difficult to not move your body. Even if it's just 10 minutes a day.

What’s your favourite Pilates move?

Anything targeting the glutes - I love a side lying series or kickbacks in a four point kneel.

What’s your favourite Pilates prop?

Ankle weights for sure. They level up ANY pilates workout. Although the small pilates ball is also up there with my fave.

What’s your favourite activewear brand?

This is so difficult to say… I really love Lululemon but I'm also really loving Adanola at the moment.

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